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Our farm is dedicated to producing natural, high-quality medical cannabis products that meet the needs of our patients. We prioritize quality assurance and exceptional customer service.

Cultivation On Demand – We grow premium flowers under your specifications.

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Discover The Passionate Team Behind Our High-Quality Medical Cannabis

Dr. Miguel Nobrega Gouveia

Chief Executive Officer

Miguel Gouveia is Senior Legal Counsel at Lexco law firm with offices in Copenhagen, London, Porto and Lisbon, Portugal.


In early 2018, when medical cannabis legislation changed in DK and PT, his company was successfully involved in processing licenses in DK and four licenses in PT.


Over the pastyears, Miguel has built an impressive level of expertise in regulatory matters related to medical cannabis and has over a decade of experience in the commercial and financial environment.

Ben Neuendorf

Sales & Marketing Executive

Ben has 35 years of marketing and sales experience.

He began his career at a young age with a solid training as an industrial clerk at one of the largest German companies.


At the age of 18 he had started a serious company selling detergents and dietary supplements.

Here he found his passion as an entrepreneur in the field of marketing and sales, a career that he has successfully pursued so far.

Andreas Grimm

Sales & Marketing Executive

Andreas has more than 25 years of experience in sales and marketing.


He worked for many years in product development and product launch in Europe.


In this context, he also built up the associated sales departments and is now a specialist in building efficient sales teams.

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