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About Us

Executive Summary

The medical cannabis industry in Europe although emerging, is still early in its development phase. With legislation changes in Portugal in early 2018, that allow cultivation of cannabis for medicinal use only, the management believe the time is right to exploit this potentially vast global health and economic opportunity and become an early adopter and innovator in the medical cannabis space in Portugal
Dr. Leopoldo Amorim, an experienced medical doctor and an advocate of medical cannabis is willing to prescribe medical cannabis; either to treat disease or help improve symptoms for those patients who have clinical conditions such as; epilepsy, chronic pain, inflammation and also other chronic and debilitating diseases that have already seen beneficial scientific results and improvement in patients.
In recent years, reliable clinical studies were conducted to evaluate the medicinal use of cannabis. In most of these trials, new medical uses and health benefits are becoming more and more apparent and successful.

Our Vision

Master Med Cannabis will be using state of the infrastructure and equipment to cultivate and grow high quality medical cannabis for use in the medical sector.
Portugal has the climate and a young educated labour market, which can enhance our business results. Through future private equity, MMC can become a global player in the market for medical cannabis while becoming Co2 neutral. This can achieved through contributions and research from our external partners. This research will improve technology and harnessing nature’s resources

MMC endeavours to keep up-to-date with current medical cannabis research, undertaken by universities, research institutions and industry – with the aim to improve our cultivation and drying processes; and consequently the purity and quality of our cannabis product for further benefits in human health and wellbeing.

MMC endeavours to ensure that the cannabis/marijuana plant, “the natural medicine from nature”, is recognised as a medical drug that can make a positive difference to the health, wellbeing and quality of life of the many patients who will be prescribed medical cannabis. Although the plant, its species and strains, face various challenges for market adoption and consumer acceptance; this potentially vast and transformative global health and economic opportunity, will not only benefit the individual but society as a whole.

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