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By concentrating our selected species that adhere to the medical requirements of relieving pain we are adamant that our cultivation methods backed by experienced growers and technical ‘know-how’ will be of high quality with focus on selected cannabis species of sativa, indica and hybrid variations for the benefit of every patience. MMC is committed to construct a facility with superior standards in the medical marijuana industry from seed to export.

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MMC values and adheres to social responsibility and the environment. For instance, we aim to use sustainable and renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind power to provide our electricity generation needs. Our long term goal is to become energy independent from fossil derived sources.

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Through our close relationships with highly professional companies that specialise in providing equipment for the cultivation of cannabis. MMC will use the most modern and high tech equipment available on the market to improve processing efficiency and achieve a high yield and high quality product. We have established relationships with selected manufactures that specialise in providing a range of equipment for the cultivation of cannabis; such as greenhouse structures, LED lighting, irrigation and dry room facilities for optimal temperature and humidity control.

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