Master Med Cannabis has been granted a Medicinal Cannabis License by the Portuguese Government, and is licensed to cultivate, import and export Medicinal Cannabis to other licensed entities, being domestic and or international. The company was founded in April 2019 and has benefited from legislation changes.  

MMC is growing high quality cannabis to ensure the delivery of such a uniform, quality assured and standardized product by using a combination of traditional and modern methods. Our facility is consisting of high-tech indoor cultivation and unique outdoor cultivation in compliance with INFARMED and the Ministry of Health, Portugal.  

MMC aims to become a quality cost operator, while maintaining a reliable and consistent supply of pharmaceutical grade medical cannabis, to improve the quality of life of all patients suffering from qualified medical conditions in regulated EU member states. We are dedicated to continuous innovation in new medical cannabis based products that maximize quality, safety and efficacy.

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Master Med Cannabis LDa. – Praceta D Nuno Álvares Pereira 10. 5 FA  – 4450- 218 Matosinhos –  Portugal